My Great Beer Book


 This journal is perfect for beer lovers and those who just like to try new beers 

For us, the best beer is Triplel, a Belgian beer. And you?


Remembering the name of the beer you like is not always easy, but by using our notebook, you will not only know what type of beer you are going to want to drink, but you will also be able to record :

  • Each beer registration form is made up of a page allowing a space to record the details of the beer, the name, the brewer, the type of beer (lager, white, ...), aroma, taste, price and tasting date.
  • In addition, a notes section allows you to easily provide additional details about the beer. Like an experienced specialist, you can assign your own rating (1-6 stars) and recommend it or not.
  • The registration is complete with the section which allows you to take the label, paste it or paste it and save it. If you want to buy this beer again, you can't go wrong!

Our beer tasting notebook is designed for beginners and expert connoisseurs. PERFECT SIZE: With its dimensions (6 "x 9"), it fits comfortably in a handbag, a picnic basket or a backpack. Light and compact, it is perfect for traveling. Always on hand to record your beer tasting memories