A new source of income

for mom Bloggers

Selling your "tips and tricks" Book

You will be declared author. This book will therefore be protected by copyright and will remain your property.

At all stages of the creation of the book, we will make breakpoints together

I can translate your book into French, but also into other languages thanks to my network of translators.

I put your royalties directly on your account on the sale of your book. 





"I can create it for you"

With your blog, you are committed to sharing your passions or your opinions and to giving your opinion on what touches or interests you. Your blog is Your communication space, just for you !

Parent like you and fervent defender of sharing, I suggest that you share your tips and tricks even more widely while earning money.

With you and my experience, in the form of a diary, a cookbook, a diary or some other format, I will create your book of tips and tricks.

This will complement your blog and be the little extra that will make your difference.

We will be associated for the creation of this book and therefore I will not be paid only and only if it sells.So no risk for you