I'm Chris Klasova. Every day, I work in the midst of construction noise. I like to watch these human organizations create buildings out of iron and concrete.


My activity consists in protecting the men and women working in these places by allowing them every evening to return home in good health.


Your question is probably now. Why this website and this approach ?

On October 9, 2013, I was driving in the passenger seat en route to a construction site. At 10.42 a.m., my phone rang and my world changed. I heard my wife crying on the phone. I didn’t understand what she was telling me. I just understood that I had to go home immediately.

When I got home, I ran into an ambulance with the beacons on and it was a firefighter who greeted me at the door of my house. My 2nd son Charly, 4 months old, had just had a serious discomfort which prevented breathing too long.


He remained in intensive care for 4 months and the verdict fell; his brain had suffered serious damage and the area that controls the muscles was no longer working properly.


It has changed my life

Now, I just dream of going to the park with him walking next to him holding his hand.


To try to fulfill this dream, in 2017, he was operated on at Saint Louis Hospital (St. Louis, Missouri) by neurosurgeon T.S. Park. Today, Charly stands almost alone.


Including all costs, this operation cost 70,000 dollars. My health insurance did not support this operation and my salary did not allow me to finance it. So I had to go into debt and I'm glad I did.


Charly still needs many other things to have a “normal” little boy life. I want him to be able to go to school. I want also to travel with my son. All this is expensive.


On the other hand, with this life experience, I learned many things in terms of personal organization, but also and especially in terms of brain development.


My Side Hustle or my additional income

I cannot ask you to finance all of this. 


However, what I can offer you is what I learned. Indeed, rich from my personal experience, I decided to create personal organization notebooks to protect your brains



   Save your Brain